behind the lens

Hi! I'm Kacey! I guess you could say I have always loved taking pictures! It all started when I was a young girl with a little pink plastic tweety bird film camera. I took that thing on family vacations and always had a camera documenting the moments! Only to put them in a scrapbook of course! (I mean who didn't have a scrapbook back in the day?!)

Over the years my love for photography grew as I had the opportunity to photograph on yearbook staffs, at church and eventually I turned that passion into a business! Not only do I enjoy providing images for people but, I absolutely love capturing the moments for the milestones in your life. I love being a apart of those special moments! 


When I'm not photographing portrait sessions,I love going on dates and hikes with my husband, drinking coffee, attempting to cook, spending quality time with friends and hanging out with our dog Barney!